Photography is not only about taking shots. It gives a possibility to reflect about various things and to realize myself as a photographer. Photography is my 'meditation' and a huge part of my life.

As a photographer I experiment with shadows, emotions, light and pose; love to confront with the issues of every day routines; dramatic look, despair, tenderness and fragility which follow side by side. While taking photographs I never think about rules and frames. Opposite, I am always trying to find something new, even If I have to break the rules. Frames and rules limit ones freedom of self-reflecting, searching and discovering.

My inspiration is contemplation, observation of surroundings and classic works of worldwide photographers, as well as fine art and of course my family. 

Recently I have been involved in portrait and street photography, tried myself in another type like commercial photography too. 


I am happy finding photography as a niche for self-expression.

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